About Me

The Antique Buffalo

Joei established The Antique Buffalo in 2018 after realizing there was a need for furniture and home decor that was readily available. As an interior designer running her own firm, she missed having furniture pieces that clients could see and touch and take home that day. She wanted a store where someone could walk in and find a unique piece of furniture for themselves or a gift for someone special. She has worked for the last year searching the marketplace to bring special lines and products to the everyday consumer that are unique.

“I wanted a place where my clients could stop in, feel and smell the season with candles made in Colorado and find unique speciality items. I wanted a store where they could buy a necklace for themselves that is one of a kind, leggings made in Colorado and a farm table or antler chandelier for their newly renovated dining room. I love the nostalgia I feel when I walk into a local home decor store in a new city. I love the smell of fresh flowers, scented candles and the layers of pillows, fabrics and textures. I love when I can't walk out of a small local shop without buying something because I want to remember the experience of being in that very place. That’s what I strive to create every day with my store. I want the customer to feel the ambiance of the season when they step foot in my store. I want them to love the feeling of just looking around and stopping in to say hello".


Meet the Team


Hazel has been apart of the team since the day we were established. She loves greeting clients and making sure that customers are satisfied with their shopping experience. Hazel never misses an opportunity to greet a new customer.


Soldier has been with The Antique Buffalo team since day one. He is in charge of security and quality control. He makes sure all products that are checked into our inventory have been inspected, processed and properly ticketed. Soldier never misses a detail.

Joei McIntire

Joei is an interior designer who works in Denver, the surrounding mountain areas as well as Aspen, Colorado. She primarily designs and renovates residential homes in the luxury market. Her store, The Antique Buffalo is located in Castle Rock, Colorado just miles from where she grew up and her mom owned and operated a home decor and furniture store, called The White Buffalo.